Sefer Kavanos Halev

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Why this sefer? Many of us come seeking answers to our lives but find no available books that really speak to our neshamos, souls. This is one book that mixes the old classical style of teaching Torah with the realization of today's world.
Haskamah Approvals:

Rav Kotler

Nikolsberg Rebbe

Biala Rebbe

Fear of Hashem: 

King Solomon said that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of Hashem. 

This chapter doesn't just bombard you with mussar, charactor correction but rather teaches you how to mix both love and fear.


Does anyone encorage their students to learn the Torah Lishmah anymore?

Jewish Meditation:

A practical guide to finding Hashem through hisbodidus.


The Jewish Midnight:

How was this time used during the generations of Tzaddikim.



Ahavas Yisrael:

We Must work on our love for every Jew. This is the hidden key to coming close to Hashem.



Kanavas Halev:

 Meditations of the heart!

Yetzer Hara:

Maybe the biggest obstickle in the life of man.

How about we learn the art of defense?


Simcha Joy:

They call this the prozak generation. Why? It is so simple to be happy!


Trust me, You have never heard what I am going to teach you hear about davening.



Shabbos Kodesh:

 The most important day of a Jews life.




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